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blind date session

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What are Blind Date Sessions?

Blind date sessions are exactly like a blind date, except you're taking photos together instead of awkwardly eating dinner.

Will we be asked to kiss each other?  

Hell. NO. lol. We will do a couples session just like the two of you are models and don't know each other because, well, you don't! 

What happens after the session?

It's up to the two of you to continue communication further. I won't give the other person any of your information other than your first name.

How are you choosing participants & matching them?

First, I'm stalking everyones instagram to make sure they are a legit person! Next I'm going to match up pairs that I think have similar things in common & would work well together in my professional wedding photographer opinion hehe.

When & where will this session take place?

When I find a match for you, we'll schedule the session for an evening all three of us are available. Locations will all be public places near either Annapolis, DC or Leesburg.

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