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Spring Styled Shoot - Annapolis, MD

This Spring Styled Shoot was such a fun experience. Like pee your pants fun experience and you'll see why soon. We started our shoot on a bright and sunny evening with a BEAUTIFUL gold and white couch rented from City Celebrations in Clifton, VA. It was such a perfect accessory to the already gorgeous Brooke in her Love and Lace gown. Love and Lace in Edgewater, Md sells consigned bridal gowns and Cindy is amazing to work with. Its such a great concept and she always has the most beautiful gowns to choose from. You feel like a kid in a candy store when you go in! Oh yea, and did I mention the dress had POCKETS!?

We added watercolor invites designed by Nikki from Shotgunning for Love Letters and a sign made by her with a quote I fell in love with. Our florals were by none other than Jess from Les Fleurs! She's so awesome to work with and always does any amazing job! Hair and Makeup by Kerry + Felicia who also styled the shoot and I don't know where I would be without them! They are magicians with hair and makeup. I don't know how they do it but they make these models look like a fairy tale princess right out of a Disney movie!

Ok, so now to the peeing your pants fun we had. When you see the photos of the flowers just magically falling over Brooke, I want you to think about how that really happened. Well, you have to have someone shaking the tree and it is hilarious when you do it! Felicia our hairstylist took up the task and shook those trees as hard as she could and we were all cracking up! It was so hard for Brooke to keep a straight face and I now have tons of blooper photos! But Brooke was good and hit those poses like no other while the rest of us were trying not to pee our pants from laughter! Below are the photos of course, and the list of amazing vendors I'm so blessed to be able to work with. Go check them out! <3

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