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Jessica & Evan - Married - Eastern Yacht Club

I got to know Jessica and Evan at their engagement session back in May at their farm and I quickly saw how fun loving they were towards each other. Constantly making funny faces and having a great time. Well their wedding was no different. It was a gorgeous day on Labor Day weekend right on the water at the Eastern Yacht club. The girls got ready upstairs where they could see the boys getting their photos done and all the guests arriving. They decided to do a last minute back to back photo in her dressing room and it was the cutest! Her brothers walked her down the aisle and they both read their own vows to each other. Evan's had Jessica crying AND laughing. Then, at the end of the night when they cut their cake, it started off innocent, but then cake and hands were flying and they knocked over a wine bucket! It was hilarious. They ended the night with some great music and jetted off on their boat, oh yea and there were fireworks for Labor Day! A great way to end your wedding right!?

Congrats to the newlyweds!

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