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Kerry & Greg - Engaged - Downtown Annapolis & Quiet Waters Park

I met Kerry and Greg downtown Annapolis in early January on a particularly freezing afternoon. The high was only 20° but they were determined to do their session! There was snow on the ground from the day before so that was a nice bonus. It's funny looking back at these photos because I forget how cold it was, but you can't tell how freezing these two were because they hid it so well! What you didn't see is us running back to the car every 10 min to warm up and throwing jackets on and off in between shots!

They rocked their session by braving the cold like it was no big deal and preparing the most stunning outfits! You will be obsessed with her red dress once you see it! Be sure to keep in mind that it was 20° and this girl was in a backless dress and open toed shoes! They decided to save the warmest outfits for last as a reward for enduring the chill and we threw some snow in celebration. You won't want to miss this epic engagement session!

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