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Erin & Tre - Engaged - Charleston, SC

About a month ago I took a trip to visit my best friend in Florida. I drove, yes that's correct I drove, because if I didn't I wouldn't have been able to meet up with these two and do their engagement session! I drove from Richmond to Charleston to meet Erin and Tre for their engagement session! When I arrived, in flip flops and a dress because it was 65 degrees which felt like 80 to me in February, I started laughing because everyone walking around Rainbow Row was wearing long sleeves, pants and like Erin, jackets!

When we saw each other I immediately said "aren't you hot!?". We shared a laugh and talked about how it doesn't get really cold down there but people want to have a chance to wear their "Fall" clothing. I would still take Charleston weather over Maryland winter any day. We started our session in front of the gorgeous colored buildings on Rainbow Row and then made our way to the place where Erin and Tre met....

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