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Kamli & Kevin - Engaged - St. Augustine, Florida

I remember the first time I visited St. Augustine. I was around 12 years and we had been on another family trip to Disney World. My Dad decided to drive us to the Old City and I immediately knew I loved this place. On that particular night, the sun was setting and the weather was so beautiful. I remember standing by a fountain feeling the warm breeze hit my face. That vision is still etched in my mind today.

When I took my Winter Trip to Florida in February I knew I had to do a shoot in St. Augustine. I was SO lucky to find Kamli and Kevin who had just gotten engaged! They're Florida natives and a gorgeous and sweet couple. We spent a Tuesday morning watching the sunrise over the Matanzas river and shot their engagement session. They were the perfect couple for this dream St. Augustine shoot and I can't wait to visit again!

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