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Tiffany & Andrew - MARRIED - Oxon Hill Manor

Tiffany will always be special to me. The very first day of taking my business full time, I got an email from her. She wanted to hop on the phone as soon as possible and told me she had already made her decision to hire me for her wedding. She said she got that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Little did she know how much that meant to me! It's scary quitting your job and going full time with your own business. She gave me the confidence that I could do this and have amazing couples like her and Andrew!

They were married last June at Oxon Hill Manor during one of the hottest days that summer. What I loved about them was that they did not complain once! Andrew gave a thumbs up as his beautiful bride walked down the aisle. Tiffany gave a heartfelt speech to her soon to be step daughter and sons that brought a tear to everyone's eye. The speeches brought tons of laughter to the guests as stories from the past were told. They danced and danced until it was time for their bubble exit. They thanked everyone for coming, and then to my surprise, thanked me as well. In front of everyone said that I was now family and that put the biggest smile on my face!

Congrats Tiffany & Andrew!

Venue: Oxon Hill Manor

Florist: All in the Details Floral Design

Planner: Mia'Carter - Queen of Hearts Wedding & Event Planning

Caterer: Zeffert & Gold Catering & Event Planning

Cupcakes: Fluffy's Catering

Donuts: Duck Donuts

Gown: Oleg Cassini

Makeup: Porsche Collins - Pretty by Porsche

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