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Erin & Max - ENGAGED - Reading, PA

I drove to Erin and Max's home near Reading, PA last October for their engagement session. They live on a big piece of land that has been in Max's family for years and they wanted to do their session there. Now I love me a big stretch of land with some tall grasses, so I was very excited! The property is so big that when we moved to different locations, we drove in Max's truck to do so. As the sun started to set, they set up a campfire and roasted smores together.

Apparently their way of doing smores is with a reeses peanut butter cup and not a bar of chocolate. I was shocked because I've never seen this before! Its genius though because recess are so much better than plain old chocolate! (in my opinion). I loved how much these two laughed and had fun during their session. I can't wait for their wedding day this October!

Tags: pennsylvania wedding photographer, reading wedding photographer, campfire engagement session, country engagement session

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