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Hashtag & Location Tagging

Oh Hashtags, we love you, we hate you, we don't know where to put you, but we use you all the time! In today's educational blog, I'm talking all about hashtags AND location tags because they're important too!

First we'll go over Hashtags. How to use them, where to put them, how many to use, how to get the most out of them etc.

Where to place hashtags: The best place to put your hashtags is in the comments of your post. This is so they are hidden. Placing about 5 dots before your list of tags makes it so others can't see what is in your comment when viewing your post. You want your hashtags hidden so they don't take away from your caption.

Business Hashtag: You should have a hashtag for your business. You can even create multiple tags for different parts of your business. If you're a photographer who shoots weddings, family, and maternity, you could do #1783wedding #1783maternity #1783family. That way when potential clients are looking for your wedding photos, they can click on that tag and see all wedding related images instead of ALL your images. This is great for you to keep all of your instagram images in one place (or category) and for your clients to use when they share your images.

What hashtags to use: If you used the hashtag #bridetobe, your image would be easily lost in the sea of 8 MILLION posts and growing. Your image is more likely to be seen if you use a hashtag that is fairly used like #bridetobe2018 that has 109,000 because it won't move down the feed of images as fast as a hashtag with millions of posts.


This is different than hashtags. Location tags show up in their own place on instagram and another place for your images to be shown to potential clients. Every image you post should have hashtags and a location tag. The location doesn't have to be where that photo was taken or where you are at that moment either. You can type in any location you'd like and use it. It's best to tag the locations where your business is based out of, the closest major city where clients could be looking, and locations of places you would like to shoot.

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