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Why You Should Be Saying YES (To Everything)

I need to make clear that I'm talking to specific business owners here. The people who are in their first few years of business and want more opportunities. Those who are working hard on growing their business. This is definitely not a post for those who are overwhelmed and need a break. In fact, you should be doing the opposite of what I'm about to say. There's a time in your business when you need to learn to say no, but there's also a time when you need to learn to say YES! And that is what I'm going to be talking about today.

When we should say yes to opportunities and we say no, it's usually because of one thing: Fear. We let fear take over and start thinking about all the reasons why we shouldn't do something.

"What are people going to think?"

"I'm not good enough for something like this!"

"What if I make a fool out of myself?"

Trust me, I've been there. When I started my business I thought to myself, "what are people going to think?". When I started The Annapolis Wedding Blog I thought to myself, "I'm not good enough for something like this!". When I got my first real wedding inquiry I thought, "what if I make a fool out of myself?". You want to know what I also thought of? That Tina Fey quote "Say yes and you'll figure it out afterwards", and so I did. I said yes to all of those things I just listed. You want to know what would have happened if I had let fear take over and said no? I wouldn't have my photography business, so then I would've never shot that first wedding, and then I would've never started The Annapolis Wedding Blog.

One opportunity leads to another and if you say no the first, you're saying no to everything else you didn't even know was coming your way.

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