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3 Reasons Your Engagement Session Should Be Done With Your Wedding Photographer

Most photographers will tell you that engagement sessions are important because they are. They're most important and effective when they're done with your wedding photographer though. I see a lot of couples get engaged and immediately look for a photographer for their engagement session, but not for their wedding. Here are 3 reasons why your engagement session should be done with your wedding photographer.

Getting to know your wedding photographer: This is a big one and why I think engagement sessions with your wedding photographer are so important. When you take engagement photos with a photographer who is not going to shoot your wedding, you're spending valuable time with the wrong person! For brides, your wedding photographer is one of the people you're going to spend the most time with on your wedding day. If you've done your engagement session with your wedding photographer, you're allowing both of you to get to know each other so that you're more than comfortable on your wedding day.

They are practice: The most important part of an engagement session is for practice between you and your wedding photographer. Yes I said practice. There are poses to learn and tips on how to look your best in your photos! If your engagement photographer and wedding photographer were two different people, you've learned posing that could be completely different than what your wedding photographer does. That's why engagement sessions are so important WITH your wedding photographer.

They might not cost you anything! Sometimes engagement sessions are included in your wedding package. So if you have already had your session taken by another photographer, you've just paid for a session you could've gotten free with your wedding photographer.

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