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Why Sharing Yourself Online Is So Important For Your Business

Sharing yourself, your hobbies, your personality, your face, is so important when running a business. We use social media to promote our business and work, but most of the time fall short when it comes to sharing about ourselves! If this is something you struggle with because of insecurities, shyness, or just not knowing how, this blog is for you. Here are some reasons why sharing yourself online is so important and how to start.


No one else is like you and this is a great thing! This separates you from the next photographer or business owner who is probably selling the same thing and sharing the same work. Work can be similar, prices can be similar, but YOU can not be! This is why if you’re only sharing your work, there is nothing that will separate you from the next photographer with similar pricing and similar work.


The 3 things you need to get hired. People want to feel like they know you, they like you and they trust you in order to invest in you. When you share yourself, you’re letting people get to know you. When you share your hobbies and interests, people start to like you because they relate to you. When you share yourself behind the scenes doing the work you love, they start to trust that you are what you say you are. They have an expectation of who they’re going to meet or work with and what their experience will be like.


Share behind the scenes images or videos of yourself and your work. Choose 3-5 things about yourself that are relatable and fun. You don’t have to share everything about your life. We all have pets we adore, foods we like, places we like to visit and other hobbies besides our business that we can talk about. Choose those things and write them down. Then, whenever you’re eating your favorite food, or visiting your favorite place, share it! Insta stories are so easy and don’t need to have professional photos for them to connect with your audience. A quick video or photo of you sharing one of these things about yourself will immediately start to get potential clients to relate to you and to take an interest in who you are as a person and not just your work.

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